A Day in Dunolly with Organs of the Goldfields

Organs of the Ballarat Goldfields Inc. stages an annual ten day summer Festival of Classical Music in the historic buildings and locations in Ballarat whilst showcasing the region’s heritage to visitors from many parts of Australia.
Leading Australian and international musicians present a wide ranging program of fine music during 24 different 60 minute recitals. Supporters can also attend popular festival meals which are offered in unique venues.

Monday 16 January

Recital 6

10am and repeated at 12 noon St John’s Anglican Church, Dunolly.

Recital for Organ and Trumpet Rhys Boak organ and Bruno Siketa trumpet

An early Fincham mechanical action organ in a heritage goldfields church.

Morning tea available in the former Sunday school in support of St John’s before the 10am recital and also between 11am and 12 noon.

Recital 7

10am and repeated at 12 noon Dunolly Historic Precinct-Town Hall

Babaganoush Gypsy Ensemble followed by a visit from Queen Victoria.

Babaganoush report that their audience members often find the urge to dance irresistible.

Heritage listed buildings in Dunolly include the Historic Precinct which contains the recently restored former Court House, early jail and police stables.


Exciting events planned for 2017

16 January 2017

Organs of the Goldfields will be held in Dunolly.

20 April 2017

The Capital Theatre will present Shirley Valentine in the Precinct’s Town Hall. This is a funny but moving play by Willty Russell about escape. It takes the form of a monologue by a 42 year old Liverpool mother and housewife.

10-12 June 2017

Gilbert and Sullivan Festival

1 0 June

Children’s Costume Parade

Tales of Hoffman – Savoy Opera Company 2.30pm in the Town Hall

11 June

Local production of Iolanthe in the Town Hall at 2pm

Gala Recital of Sullivan’s songs Dunolly Historic Precinct-Town Hall

12 June

Cox and Box One act opera

Iolanthe 2pm Local production- Dunolly Historic Precinct-Town Hall

10 September 2017

Lola Montez was the wildest showgirl of the 19th century. The show is created from a thousand stories both true and false and is a richly textured of her exotic lives: a wild web of storytelling, dance, myths, legends and truth.


The Mikado

The Savoy Opera Company is performing The Mikado in the Precinct Town Hall on Saturday 29 October 2016 at 2.30pm. Tickets are $25 for adults and are available at the door.

Gilbert and Sullivan – Pinafore

The events in May have been wonderful. Larrikan Theatre’s “Boy out of the Country” wowed everyone.  The following week “The Court Session” as part of the Bendigo Writer’s Festival and Law Week saw 70 people enjoy Gideon Haigh being interviewed about his book “Certain Admissions”.

Picture1The performances continue with the Savoy Opera Company presenting Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Pinafore” on Saturday 11 June at 2.30pm. This is the sixth year that the Opera Company has presented in Dunolly. Tickets are available at the door, $25 for adults with children under 12 free.


May Events

Two wonderful May events are happening at the Dunolly Historic Precinct. On 15 May, a performance of Boy out of the Country by Felix Nobis and on  22 May, The Court Session featuring author Gideon Haigh. Click on Events to view.